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The CNC Machine Shop who make every component you need conform without question

You see we believe that if it’s not exactly right, it’s wrong. And we are driven by an unwavering determination to meet your specifications in every way. No close fits.

This tenacity makes our work reliable. It means we deliver the quality you seek, no matter the complexity of your component. It demands the exacting standards that distinguish Kristek in the automotive, medical, oil & gas, nuclear, power generation, aerospace, defence sectors and beyond.

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Discover our dynamic workshop

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CNC Machine Shop
Quality Assured Parts

The Process

From start to finish, here's how we keep quality our watchword

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Our door is always open

You are invited to come for a tour of our workshop in Melksham, Wiltshire simply call us on 01225 707646 or email info@kristek.co.uk to arrange your visit. We’ll be pleased to welcome you.

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Kristek Precision Building
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To discuss your precision engineering needs,
call us on 01225 707646 or
email info@kristek.co.uk

From small to medium size batch productions, we'll quote for the reliable, quality components you need.