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Our Workshop

It’s the combination of modern machinery, organisation, and discipline that makes the Kristek
workshop special.


CNC machinery

You’ll find we have a range of multi-axis CNC machines to serve all your current project needs, plus meet the requirements you may have in the future. These machines are part of our forward thinking strategy to ensure we continue to provide what you need. They handle extremely high tolerances and ensure exceptional surface finishes.

CNC Machinery
Large Diagonal Turning

Size Matters

You want big? We can do it. Our CNC Lathes can turn up to 1.5metres diameter. And our CNC Mills have a working envelope of 2 metres x 1 metre x 0.8 metre square.

Precision through discipline

Our route cards and integrated scheduler make traceability and on time delivery a certainty. Your project is comprehensively tracked: Who did it, how long each stage took, on which machines and in what order. Plus our quality manual dictates how our people manage their activities and behaviour. Overseen by our Production Manager, Quality Manager and Section Leaders, our team are accountable to these quality standards. The result? Precision components delivered to you on time.

Kristek Precision Sign

Come and meet us

You are welcome to visit to meet the team and enjoy a tour of our ‘home’. We’ll gladly show you where and how we do what we do. Simply call us on 01225 707646 or email info@kristek.co.uk. Try us out Alternatively, contact us to discuss a specific quote. We’ll be delighted to have you try us out.

From small to medium size batch productions, we'll quote for the reliable, quality components you need.