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The Process

From program and process through to packaging and inspection, quality is our watchword. We hold the ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certifications. These certifications confirm we maintain a stringent Quality Management and Safety standards across all areas of our business, including:

• Our Facilities
• Our People
• Our Training
• Our Services
• Our Equipment

Each step we take in our production process upholds these standards:


Internal planning

Our plan to meet your quality expectations starts from the word go. On receipt of your specifications, Adrian our Production Manager, plans the projects, identifying any tooling and fixture requirements. And then he meets with the Team Leaders involved in managing your job for an internal planning meeting.

This meeting ensures everyone involved has comprehensive knowledge of your project and is ready to deliver the quality component you expect. You are kept up to date with our plans and the timetable for the work is confirmed to you.

Internal Planning
Quality Assured Parts

Planning for Quality

Dan, our Quality Manager, writes the appropriate quality plan to ensure the in-process checks make sure your component complies with quality standards.

Sourcing materials

Our Production team source the materials required. Plus they source any special tools or fixtures required to fulfil the project needs.

Sourcing Materials
CNC Program Writing

Writing CNC program

Our highly skilled CNC programmers program the machines to be used to produce your component. Programs are written online, or offline using the CAD / CAM package hyperMILL, and your 3D models.

Machining your part

Working with their teams, they then skilfully and attentively manage the job.

CNC Part Machining
CNC Part Inspection

Checking and verifying your part

Using a range of different equipment, Dan checks the dimensions of each finished component against your specifications. This meticulous process ensures it is compliant and in tolerance.

Delivery to you

Your component(s) are delivered by our driver Ron or via courier if this is not practicable.

It’s easy to discuss your project, just email your specifications to info@kristek.co.uk. We’ll gladly provide you with a quote.

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