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It’s one thing to be able to make your component conform to your specifications once. You’ll appreciate it’s another to make it right – exactly right – over and over again. You’ll find it is this dedication to process excellence that drives the Kristek team.

Present us with a challenge and we will apply our wealth of experience to meet it. We’ll maintain an open and productive dialogue with you. And we’ll adjust and readjust until we can engineer a component you can rely on, every time. It’s this focus that keeps our customers coming back for more Kristek Precision. And our focus doesn’t stop there…

Focus on the Future

When it comes to our working operations, our strategy is to look forward. From the purchase of our machines, to the development of our team and their training. Everything is planned and carried out not only to meet your current needs, but also with a deliberate eye on serving your future requirements. We want to be your long-term business partner. This anticipation of your future needs means we can continue to serve you as you push the boundaries of your engineering projects.

Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Focus on Security

The security of your data is serious. Which is why we take our responsibility to keep it secure seriously. We are working towards the Cyber Essentials. This accreditation confirms we continue to take precautions to mitigate the risk of common internet based threats. So you know your data is safe with us.

Focus on Ethics

At Kristek, minimising our carbon footprint is a responsibility we consider to be very important. We work to a rigorous set of standards that oblige us to manage the effect of our activities on the environment.

Kristek Carbon Footprint
Focus On Safety

Focus on Safety

When it comes to the safety of our people and visitors, we believe in doing more rather than less. Legislation requires us to maintain a number of health and safety protocols. But we go further with our near miss reports, ongoing training programmes and comprehensive safety checks.

Focus on People

We believe in providing our people with a rewarding experience. In monetary terms, this means providing an attractive remuneration package. In day-to-day terms, it means providing an enjoyable and fulfilling place to work. The bright, highly-equipped environment, together with our vibrant, collaborative team makes Kristek the perfect place for our people to develop successful and accomplished careers.

Kristek Precision Ltd Workshop Floor

Come and meet us

You are welcome to visit to meet the team and enjoy a tour of our ‘home’. We’ll gladly show you where and how we do what we do. Simply call us on 01225 707646 or email |info@kristek.co.uk. Try us out Alternatively, contact us to discuss a specific quote. We’ll be delighted to have you try us out.

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From small to medium size batch productions, we'll quote for the reliable, quality components you need.